Glossier And Outdoor Voices Make Fashion More Accessible

As more technology has given businesses the capability to more directly reach out to consumers, it appears that the fashion and beauty industry are taking note.

At TechCrunch’s NYC Disrupt event this week, Glossier and Outdoor Voices‘ founders spoke about how their companies are shaking up their respective industries by bringing out about a more friendly and inclusive approach to engaging with consumers. What’s helping both of these companies to reach the largest generation in today’s workforce (millennials surpassed baby boomers with 75.4 million), is a digital-first and more open strategy to all aspects of the retail lifecycle.

To help push through the traditional models of consumer outreach and engagement, Glossier decided to forego both a website and eCommerce app. The company has taken to social media via its Instagram account to push all of its initiatives forward. What this does is allow consumers to interact with the brand in a more direct way that helps influence the direction of products presented for sale.

Outdoor Voices also creates a sense of community, but rather than utilizing social media, it encourages consumers to meet up at their stores for running or dog-walking clubs. The company wants consumers to think of it as a companion throughout the recreational process and not just another store.

Both Glossier and Outdoor Voices are looking to open up several new physical locations all over the U.S. over the next few years.


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