Olo Unveils Nutrition Feature For Its US Restaurants

Going out to eat with friends or family while trying to maintain a healthy diet can be a tricky path to navigate. While many people have the right intentions when visiting a restaurant of trying to choose the best option on the menu, most resort to the safe option of ordering a salad or steamed vegetables.

One company that’s working to alleviate this eating out burden is digital ordering provider Olo. The company just announced its decision to work with its over 180 restaurant brands throughout the U.S. to implement nutrition tools and support on its platform. Restaurants using Olo’s platform will now be able to also keep up with federal guidelines on their eCommerce sites and apps.

The new nutritional tools on Olo’s platform include calorie labeling, disclaimers and sodium labeling. All of Olo’s existing clients already gained access to these offerings this month. Restaurants with over 20 locations are currently doing independent reviews of FDA menu labeling and calories.

As Olo’s nutrition tools continue to roll out, it’s likely that we’ll see this trend continue and other restaurants throughout the country look to include more details on what’s being served to help those healthy conscious consumers.

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