52 Mondays 2018: Karen Webster’s Year-Long Conversation About Payments

A Look Back at Via Karen Webster’s 2018 Columns

Hi everyone!

Astrologists say that people born on Mondays have the psychic ability to understand others — making them better able to see what’s next.

Executive coaches say Monday is the most productive day of the week, since it represents a fresh start and an opportunity to set and achieve new goals.

Scientists have offered seven reasons why the “Monday Blues” might be a real thing — using data to back up the belief held by many that Monday is the most dreaded day of the week.

I wasn’t born on a Monday, nor do I think it’s the worst day of the week — well, most of the time, anyway. But I do think it’s the right day to reflect on the week that we just left behind as a way to move, clear-eyed, into the week that’s yet to come.

That’s why I chose Mondays to publish my weekly perspective on all things payments and commerce: to start a conversation about the moves — and the movers and shakers making them — and the transformation that is unfolding right before our very eyes.

52 Mondays 2018 is the second annual edition of those columns, which offer a play-by-play perspective on the developments in the most dynamic ecosystem in the world. They are presented in the order published, giving you, more or less, a mini payments and commerce time capsule for 2018.

I am pleased to share this collection with you — and hope you enjoy the look back, as we all prepare to look ahead to what’s next in 2019.

Until next Monday.