Olo, Radar Team on Restaurants’ Digital Order Fulfillment

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Restaurant-focused on-demand commerce platform Olo on Friday (March 4) integrated with geofencing company Radar to enable trip-tracking capabilities that will improve digital order fulfillment and the off-premise experience for the companies’ restaurant brands and their customers.

“With digital ordering as prominent as ever, we are constantly looking for opportunities to further improve the off-premise experience — to make it faster, more efficient and more convenient,” said Noah Glass, founder and CEO at Olo, in the joint press release.

“Our work with Radar will allow brands to leverage technology for a more seamless digital order fulfillment process across all areas of the restaurant including the kitchen, front-of-house and for consumers,” he said. “Consumer demand for order ahead and curbside pickup is here to stay, and brands that maximize output while optimizing the consumer experience will gain a significant competitive edge.”

According to the release, Radar’s geofencing technology sends orders placed through a restaurant’s Olo-powered app to a restaurant’s kitchen when customers are almost there so the food is ready at the exact time it’s needed to minimize wait times, maximize kitchen and staff and ensure customers’ orders are as fresh as possible.

“Equipped with precise knowledge pinpointing when a customer will arrive to pick up their order, Radar reduces wait times and ensures customers get the fresh, high-quality food they know and love from their dine-in experience,” said Nick Patrick, CEO of Radar.

“Partnering with Olo allows us to extend our reach to improve the off-premise experience for more guests at some of the largest QSR brands in the space,” he said. “We are thrilled to enhance efficiencies for restaurants and provide consumers with an overall better experience.”

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