Netflix Launching New Mobile Games This Month

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Streaming giant Netflix on Tuesday (March 22) announced the release of several new Netflix Games on Android and iOS devices, available free to all subscribers with no ads, fees or in-app purchases required, according to a company press release.

“Whether you’re craving a casual game to jump right into the fun, or an immersive experience that lets you dig deeper into your favorite stories, there are a variety of mobile games for you to explore and plenty more to come this month,” the press release said.

Among this month’s releases are “This Is A True Story” from Frosty Pop, and “Shatter Remastered” and “Into The Dead 2: Unleashed,” both from Pik Pok.

Subscribers can download Netflix Games from the Netflix mobile app on the day of release at 2 p.m. PT or from the Apple or Google app store at 10 a.m. PT if you don’t want to wait.

Android mobile users will see a dedicated games row and a games tab where they can select games to download, while iOS mobile users will see a dedicated games row for selecting and downloading games.

Tablet users will see a dedicated games row or can select games from a dropdown menu to download and play.

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Last week, Netflix announced that it’s considering the addition of a new feature that will allow account holders to share their memberships beyond their own household for an extra fee.

Netflix plans to test the username and password sharing features for users in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru. Members on the Standard and Premium plans can add up to two people who live elsewhere, each with their own profile, personal recommendations, login and password.