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Today In Data: Managing Data’s New Normal

Today In Data: Managing Data’s New Normal

One out of every 10 Starbucks orders goes through its mobile app – and though Starbucks is more successful than your average player with mobile, the trend is moving quickly and pervasively throughout QSRs nationwide. Mobile and digital touchpoints are proliferating – and the digital sales figures tell the tale. But with advances come challenges in keeping track of who does – and does not – have access to data. And, of course, in keeping the right tech to track and interpret it as it flows in.


$256 billion: Projected size of U.S. QSR industry by 2020.

$40 billion: The amount consumers are forecast to spend with QSRs through mobile apps.

90 percent: Share of U.K. SMEs that report knowing “something” about open banking and what it means for them.

43 percent: Growth in Walmart’s eCommerce division.

5.5 percent: Share of banks that report having genuine AI systems in place.


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