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Today In Data: Striking A Balance Between Convenience And Security

Today In Data: Payments Convenience and Security

Keeping consumers happy enough to make them loyal customers is no easy task, particularly as the list of things they are looking for in a commerce experience is ever-growing. They want novelty in how they travel, in how they pay  and in how they shop – particularly if those novel offerings bring a smoother, more friction-free experience. At the same time, consumers also want a guarantee of security and a belief that their entire digital identity isn’t going to end up for sale on the dark web. The needle to thread is an experience that allows legitimate consumers to sail through, while at the same time locking fraudsters out at the front door.


$22 billion: The amount by which convenience store owners could boost their annual sales by offering a convenient mobile app experience.

400 million: The number of accounts Fiserv manages annually.

$60 million: The amount to which Ridecell has expanded its Series B funding round.

85 percent: Share of cybercrimes that go unreported.

$1,067: The approximate cost of a consumer’s entire digital identity on the black market.