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Consumers’ Growing Desire For Meals On The Move Via Mobile

Consumers’ Desire For Meals Via Mobile

A significant number of consumers want their favorite quick-service restaurants (QSRs) to offer mobile ordering via applications. Yet a relatively small percentage of restaurants offer that functionality. Costs and fraud concerns are cited as reasons for the hesitation to offer first-party ordering and the decision to use third-party services instead. The latest Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker shows that QSRs must balance the opportunities of a continuing positive trend – where more consumers are eating outside of the house – with a wariness of the risks of digital ordering.


15 percent: Share of QSR meals eaten on-premises.

18 percent: Portion of restaurants that offer mobile ordering through their own apps.

43 percent: Share of consumers who want to use QSR-specific apps to order.

62 percent: Portion of QSR consumers who are concerned that their online interactions are at risk of fraud.

87.9 percent: Chipotle’s YOY growth of digital sales in Q3.