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Remote Payments, Front And Center, Near And Now

Remote Payments, Front And Center, Near And Now

The inexorable rise of eCommerce has been a trend years in the making – and the smartphone is at the center of eCommerce. The handheld devices help us browse listings, compare prices, pinpoint what we want and, with the click of a digital button, seal the deal. In the latest Remote Payments Report, we take a deep dive into commerce done online, but specifically through the smartphone, where paying online – and increasingly remotely – has gained favor across a broad swathe of consumers.


73.5 percent: Share of mass merchant retail purchases made remotely.

66.7 percent: Share of consumers earning more than $100,000 who spent between $25 to $499 on their last remote transaction.

22.5 percent: Share of consumers who used a smartphone to complete their last retail purchase.

52.9 percent: Share of bridge millennials who made their last remote purchases using their smartphones.

53.4 percent: Share of consumers who paid with debit cards stored on their wallets.