The Acceleration Of eCommerce During The Pandemic

Acceleration Of eCommerce During The Pandemic

The digital shift during the pandemic has been substantial, and new evidence indicates that the eCommerce market share could easily double by the end of this year. Even luxury retail, which has typically depended on customized in-store shopping, has tried to ride the growing digital trend. And in Latin America, eCommerce platform MercadoLibre is one of the region’s fastest-growing companies and turned in a stellar Q1. All this, Today in Data.


$652M: MercadoLibre’s first-quarter revenue.

429.8M: Number of orders on Shopee in the first quarter.

59%: Amount MercadoLibre’s total revenue increased in 2019.

52%: Share of consumers who shifted to digital grocery shopping who say they won’t go back to their old ways.

7: Number of countries where Bulgari is rolling out new eCommerce platforms through July 29.