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The Evolving State Of The Restaurant And Delivery Industries

Evolving State Of Restaurant, Delivery Industry

The 2020 outlook report from the National Restaurant Association illustrates an industry contending with the countercurrents of solid consumer spending and disruptive technology. The organization expects that technology could change the face of dining by the turn of the next decade. And in delivery, news came last week that DoorDash filed yet-to-be-made-public documents to undertake an initial public offering. All this, Today in Data.

Today in DataData: 

2019: The year students at George Mason University in Virginia and Northern Arizona University started getting food delivered by robots.

$899B: Value that restaurant industry sales are projected to reach in 2020.

$100M: Amount of a capital fundraising round DoorDash closed on in November.

70 percent: Share of consumers who use their phones in at least some part of the meal purchasing process.

35 percent: Approximate share of all meal deliveries that DoorDash handles in the U.S.