Merchants Need Modern Payment Systems to Meet Customer Demand

Businesses Fast-Track B2B Payments Digitization to Boost Growth  With businesses looking for ways to reduce costs and increase growth, legacy B2B payment systems are rapidly giving way to digital platforms that can accelerate transactions, improve cash flow and streamline compliance, says Mangopay’s Luke Trayfoot. Read more in the April 2023 “B2B and Digital Payments Tracker,” a collaboration with American Express.
Inside the April Tracker
  • As companies embrace digital payment solutions more than ever, an industry insider discusses why B2B payment digitization is inexorable and irreversible.
  • The use of same-day ACH for B2B payments is up 44% as merchants’ satisfaction with payment processors falls.
  • SMB payers identified an average of five issues usually encountered when making B2B payments — all of which these payers can address with modern payment platforms.

American Express B2B and Digital Payments Tracker Series