Inflation Puts Technology on the Menu for Restaurants

Diners Tell Restaurants to Put Technology on the Menu

In an effort to fill worker shortage gaps, more than 75% of restaurants are already using automation to streamline their operations. In the “B2B and Digital Payments Tracker®,” a collaboration with American Express, PYMNTS explores how they are using everything from robots in restaurants to AI voice assistants at the drive-thru to cater to the growing number of diners who want technology on the menu.

Inside the June Tracker
  • Amid mounting consumer frustration over the restaurant experience, an industry insider explains why restaurateurs must thoroughly understand their customers for technology to help.
  • Wendy’s partnered with Google to automate the drive-thru with AI, and OrionStar Robotics and Rocky Mountain Robotech revealed an AI-powered robot for restaurants.
  • A survey found that 75% of restaurant operators plan to adopt innovative technology in 2023 to address labor and cost challenges.