COVID-19 Business Recovery

Fitness Centers Forced To Stretch Their Business Models The “COVID-19 Business Recovery Report,” a collaboration between PYMNTS and American Expresshighlights how businesses are redesigning their service models to keep afloat and return from the pandemic, and how payments providers can support these transitions.
Inside the May Report
  • An interview with Ryon Packer, chief product officer at payment facilitator ABC Financial, on how fitness clubs are pivoting to endure and recover from the pandemic and the need for digital payment experiences that complement virtual offerings
  • Recent headlines focusing on business recovery efforts, including how U.K.’s Network Rail is accelerating supplier payments to help improve cash flow and TransferGo’s efforts to facilitate COVID-19 relief donations
  • A Deep Dive examining how businesses in the dining, entertainment, fitness and healthcare sectors are revamping strategies to engage customers during the pandemic

American Express B2B and Digital Payments Tracker Series