Digitizing Restaurant Payments

Restaurants Serve Up Machine Learning To Personalize Order, Payments Preferences Data is on the restaurant menu as keeping track of customers’ ordering and payment preferences across different channels is key to offering the right digital options. In the Digitizing Restaurant Payments Report, Piada Italian Street Food’s Matt Harding and Jason Profitt explain how restaurants can tap machine learning to use data to personalize their experiences.
Inside The March Tracker
  • An interview with Matt Harding, senior vice president of culinary and menu innovation at fast casual chain Piada Italian Street Food, and Jason Profitt, its director of technology, on keeping pace with diners’ shifting digital ordering and payment preferences
  • The latest digital food-ordering developments, including why eateries expect at least 62 percent of their 2021 revenues to come from takeout and delivery and why 71 percent of consumers want their favorite spots to keep offering digital ordering and payments even after the pandemic ends
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how restaurants are adopting digital ordering, menu browsing and payments technologies to provide swifter and safer on-site dining and takeout experiences

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