Seizing The Digital-First Retail Renaissance

The Digital Tools Key To Helping Salons Grow Loyalty, Cut Payment Inconvenience One thing today’s consumers aren’t looking to cut when they head into beauty and hair salons is digital convenience. In the new Seizing The Digital-First Retail Renaissance Report, a PYMNTS and American Express collaboration, salon-owner Janet St. Paul explains how integrating digital appointments and contactless payments is helping to keep consumers coming back.  
Inside the July/August Report
  • An interview with Janet St. Paul, owner of Austin, Texas-based hair salon Janet St. Paul Studio, on how in-person beauty retailers can match digital-first customers' shifting expectations with contactless payment and digital booking tools
  • The latest digital-first retail developments, including why 54 percent of consumers indicated they expect to spend more on going-out clothes in anticipation of in-person events and why 54 percent of digital wallet users spend more when the utilize that payment method
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how retailers can translate the demand for digital-first payments into higher sales

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