B2B Cross-Border Payments

Most Businesses Say New Tech Can Improve Cross-Border Payments Bob Binford of Unique Carpets Ltd. says investing in fast, secure and easy cross-border payments tech saves time, money and sales. It’s something that 64% of businesses also confirm in new cross-border B2B payments research, the “B2B Cross-Border Payments Tracker®,” a collaboration with American Express.
Inside the August/September Tracker
  • An interview with Bob Binford, executive vice president at Unique Carpets Ltd., on the importance of making the cross-border payment experience faster and frictionless
  • The latest headlines from around the B2B cross-border payments space, including American Express’ recent launch of a digital B2B cross-border payments solution and why the European Central Bank believes a CBDC could be the “holy grail” for cross-border payments
  • An in-depth look at the major challenges businesses face when making B2B cross-border payments, what solutions they expect and how FIs can meet these expectations

American Express B2B and Digital Payments Tracker Series