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Amazon Introduces GenAI to Create Product Listings From Sellers’ Websites


Amazon is rolling out a new generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) feature that helps sellers create listings for Amazon’s store.

This new feature allows sellers who have their own direct-to-consumer (DTC) website to provide Amazon with that URL and then receive product listings for the Amazon store, generated by the new GenAI feature, the tech giant said in a Wednesday (March 13) press release

“This will further enhance and streamline the process of creating product listings, saving our selling partners more time and effort while developing listings for Amazon’s store that appeal to customers and help drive sales,” Amazon said in the release.

This capability is now being rolled out and will be available to U.S. sellers within weeks, according to the release.

It will join some GenAI-powered features launched last fall that generate product listings based on small amounts of text or an image, the release said.

Those features allow sellers to provide only a few words or an image of a product and then get a GenAI-generated product title, description and additional product attributes — automatically and in a way that improves the product page’s search results, per the release. That capability has reduced the need for sellers to develop and input product details to create a product page.

Since the launch of those features, more than 100,000 sellers have used them, nearly 80% of the GenAI-generated listings have been approved by sellers with minimal edits, and sellers report that the features have saved them time, according to the release.

“Improving and streamlining listing creation is an exciting example of how our selling partners are already benefiting from Amazon’s generative AI investments, and this is just one more way that we continue to partner with small businesses to create an amazing shopping and selling experience,” Amazon said in the release.

In another recent development in this space, eBay said in September that it was beta testing an image-based listing tool that will allow sellers to take or upload a photo within the eBay app and watch as AI fills in item information details. 

In May, Google introduced a tool that uses GenAI to create unique product images for merchants. The company’s Product Studio creates visual content tailored to merchants’ seasonal promotions, targeted campaigns or innovative projects.