Moxie Launches Kbot For Contextual Guidance

Moxie Software, the provider of digital commerce services, announced news on Wednesday (Sept. 27) that it launched the Kbot application, which enables companies to guide customers online without needing human assistance.

In a press release, Moxie said the new chatbot will enable online retail companies to let customers complete quotes, application forms, travel bookings and reservations or check out of an online shopping cart without needing to talk to a human.

“While search engines deliver traffic and analytics engines provide insights to customer behavior and struggle, Moxie’s Kbot application gives companies a new opportunity to guide customers at the moment of struggle, resulting in higher conversion rates,” Nikhil Govindaraj, SVP Products, Moxie, said in the press release. “Customers are seeking advice; Kbot enables the business to deliver advice at scale.”

The chatbot tool brings another layer to contextual guidance in which consumers are presented with useful bits of information while conducting an online shopping purchase. The information is based on specific actions or page elements that show the company there is an opportunity or that a customer is struggling at the point of sale (POS).

The tool also automates contextual information so that it is easy to scale for a growing business — at the same time reducing the costs of hiring human staff to engage with online shoppers.

According to Moxie, customers already using Kbot have reduced online shopping cart abandonment at the POS, increased conversion, boosted customer engagement and enhanced overall retail satisfaction.

As an example, Moxie pointed to a North American insurance company that is using its Kbot application to guide customers through the insurance quoting and application process. Since deploying Kbot, Moxie said the company has seen the number of quotes initiated increase by over 30 percent and the number of quotes completed increase by over 70 percent. The insurance company has also experienced an over 50 percent increase in the value of products sold when the customer is guided by Kbot, Moxie said.