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Stripe Launching Works With Stripe

Stripe is looking to expand its footprint from being just a payments startup, all by launching Works With Stripe, a businesses services platform.

With 300 apps and counting, Works With Stripe is a new directory to help already affiliated and integrated companies (which there are many more of) use these apps to analyze data. From Slack to Card Flight to Xero, Taxjar and Shippo, Works With Stripe is aimed to allow businesses to do much more, from payroll to taxes, shipping and general business analytics.

While Stripe — which is best known for competing with PayPal — takes a small transaction fee, the plan is for the affiliated businesses to work together, stay connected and loyal to Stripe and also allow for a continuation of the relationships and for third-party companies to integrate with Stripe down the line.

Companies that may be involved include startups, but also larger businesses, like AWS and Salesforce.

As plans roll out, the directory will initially emphasize the most popular integrations, as well as new ones coming on board, and show how those relationships can work symbiotically.

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