D+H And The Clearing House Are Teaming Up To Take On Real-Time Payments

Tech firm DH Corporation and The Clearing House will be partnering to provide real-time payment options in the United States for financial services firms. Going forward, partner financial institutions will be able to leverage D+H’s core, payments and channel applications as an access point for TCH’s real-time U.S payments system.

D+H is already prominent on the global stage and processes millions of transactions in Europe and Asia daily. Now the U.S. is joining the roster, so to speak.

“We are excited to work with D+H, which has extensive experience in connecting its customers with faster payment products,” said Steve Ledford, SVP of Product and Strategy at The Clearing House. “D+H is a leader in the payments industry with a vast network of financial institution clients, so this partnership is an important milestone as we work toward delivering a ubiquitous real-time payment system.”

“The Clearing House’s real-time payment system is a tremendous innovation, bringing to the U.S. a scheme that enables participants to process payments end-to-end, in real-time,” says Chris Zingo, global head of sales, D+H. “D+H is already a part of the real-time payments transformation in other parts of the world and recognizes real-time payments as an enabler of new modes of commerce with great benefits to the banking industry and society at large. We are excited and committed to bring real-time payments acceptance and accessibility to the United States, as well.”