Flexxbuy Unveils New Customer Financing Platform

Finding the right financing option for large purchases can be a rough process. From calling various lenders to speaking with family members about possible loans, it can be both rigorous and tiresome.

One company that’s looking to help ease the financing process is Flexxbuy. The company announced this week its new financing platform for customers over a significant credit area. Through its various relationships with lenders, Flexxbuy is able to offer businesses’ customers with prime credit, subprime credit and non-credit credit to individuals. Flexxbuy offers up to 10 different lenders via its online application and loan process.

Flexxbuy’s president, Bob Lovinger, commented on Flexxbuy’s goals and highlights consumers’ deep-rooted need for better finance solutions. He said, “We built Flexxbuy with the goal of helping small and medium-sized businesses get more consumers through the door and sold by providing as many payment options as possible beyond the standard options currently available. Consumers simply do not have the same buying capacity as they did prior to the recession, and many don’t want to drain or utilize what they do have.”

In the future, Flexxbuy is planning to build out an all-in-one lending platform to further enhance merchants’ ability to sync up their customers with the best possible financing.


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