Little Spoon Makes a Special Delivery With Organic Baby Food

New parents have a myriad of worries when babies come into the world. From strangers not washing their hands before touching the baby to ear infections and getting sick at daycare, the possibilities for parental worry are seemingly endless.

One company that's hoping to alleviate at least one of these areas is startup company Little Spoon. Funded by Tinder's Sean Rad and Chobani's Kyle O'Brien, this new company specializes in organic food delivery for babies. The company's cofounder Michelle Muller decided to make the leap into starting Little Spoon after discovering there weren't many healthy options available for her baby in New York City.

Busy parents looking for healthy options for their little one may not always find it in their local grocery store. Through Little Spoon, parents have the option to plan out their child's meals at various age ranges from organically sourced fruits and vegetables via a mobile app.

While there are a few baby food competitors on the market, Little Spoon's differentiator is its ability to control the entire process in its hands-on development center. The company is also using a high-pressure processing technique typically used in cold-pressed juices, a process that locks in nutrients while neutralizing any bad bacteria.

Through this new baby food offering, there's the potential that this may revolutionize the way parents look at their little one's food options.



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