Oars + Alps Gets $1.3-Million Funding Boost

Women’s beauty products have a long and well-established history, but the men’s side of the equation hasn’t always told the same story.

Outside of deodorant, beard trimming or shaving and cologne, there haven’t been too many ways for men to take care of themselves. As a result, some men have ventured into their significant others’ beauty bag.

Chicago-based men’s grooming line Oars + Alps is hoping to change that with its $1.3-million round of seed funding. Financing for this round came from Breakout Capital and the Levy family’s investment avenue.  Included in its men’s skincare line, Oars + Alps sells deodorant, eye cream and facial soap.

Oars + Alps co-founder Mia Sani Duchnowski discussed the goal for the new men’s skincare line and what it hopes to accomplish as a company. “Our goal is to create a year-round skincare line for millennials guys. We aim to own exceptional men’s skincare online, without the typical retailer’s markup and toxins. Everything is designed for the millennials’  on-the-go lifestyle, which means it does not spill in their bag, and you can easily bring it on a carry-on for a flight.”