Post-Purchase Platform Narvar Launches Home Pickup

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Post-purchase platform Narvar has launched Home Pickup, a “carrier agnostic” return service that lets shoppers schedule a courier to pickup return packages from their homes.

“More than 70 retailers, including DSW and Ann Taylor, piloted the service during the busy 2021 holiday season and reported high customer satisfaction scores and speedier return times,” Narvar said in a news release Monday (March 7).

“Home Pickup makes it easier for shoppers to return items without having to leave home, and enables brands to restock returned products faster.”

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The company says the service is available in 10 metropolitan markets with plans to expand to about 100 over the coming months.

Home Pickup joins Narvar’s Concierge service, launched in 2019, which lets shoppers pick up orders and drop off returns at 200,000 locations worldwide. The company also offers boxless returns through FedEx and UPS.

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“In today’s highly competitive, trillion dollar retail market, customer experience wins,”  said Amit Sharma, founder and CEO of Narvar. “Smart brands are increasing their investments in technology and services that not only make shopping easier and more convenient, but also positively impact the bottom line.”

The company said shoppers are expected to return more than $761 billion of last year’s merchandise, or about 16.6% of U.S. retail sales. Meanwhile, retailers are struggling to get around supply chain disruptions, investing in tech that lets them restock shelves faster.

“Home Pickup allows items to be returned to the warehouse 25% faster, enabling retailers to resell inventory and give consumers their refund or credit back more quickly,” Narvar said.

Narvar works with more than 1,100 brands — retailers that include Levi’s, Gap and Lululemon — to improve their customer experience, whether that means tracking deliveries or automating returns. Last year, it acquired the packaging firm Lumi in what it called an effort to “revolutionize packaging as the new storefront.”