Mastercard, Salesforce Team To Offer Tailored SMB Solutions

Mastercard, Salesforce Team For SMB Solutions

Software company Salesforce has joined Mastercard’s small business program, along with Intuit, to supply solutions in the small business space, according to a release.

The aim is to help businesses succeed by increasing revenue, boosting customers and improving customer engagement. Salesforce benefits are now available in Mastercard Business and Mastercard Business World Elite offerings.

“Every business is different. Small business owners seek freedom and flexibility. However, they need tailored platforms and services that help them enhance how they run their business and address their individual needs,” said Ginger Siegel, head of small business, Mastercard. “We are excited to further build on our small business benefits program together with partnerships like Intuit and Itemize, and now Salesforce, to deliver digital solutions that meet the needs of small business owners today and grow with them in smart, innovative and efficient ways tomorrow.”

Mastercard said it understands small business owners have to do a variety of jobs and aims to provide them with key resources to improve their day-to-day operations.

Mastercard Business Card customers will have access to proprietary customer relationship management (CRM) solutions through Salesforce Essentials, which is an app that has sales and support tools designed specifically for small businesses, for $9.99 per month. The product is only available to new Salesforce Essentials customers who buy an annual subscription.

"Customers love small businesses for the personal experiences they offer, but it becomes more challenging to know the details of each and every customer as that business grows. That's where a customer relationship management solution becomes key," said Marie Rosecrans, SVP, Salesforce Essentials and SMB. "Mastercard has a relentless focus on small businesses, and we are delighted to extend Salesforce Essentials to Mastercard Business customers, empowering them to grow their businesses.”



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