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Today In Data: Driving A Digitally Determined World

Today In Data: Driving A Digitally Determined World

In an average week, the average consumer spends about 24 hours online – exactly 1/7 of their time. They use their phones to order food and to decide what they eat before they order. They shop, pay bills, book and manage travel – all digitally. With risk, of course, due to endemic identity theft concerns – but also with a lot of reward. Consumers have more retail modes than ever before, in more regions of the world – and a greater ability to expand and customize their commerce activities.


$13 billion: Projected worth of the self-service market by 2023.

$150 million: The total amount Grubhub paid for Tapingo.

16.7 million: The number of fraud crimes in the U.S. in 2017.

4.5 million: The number of smart vending machines forecast to be online in the Asia Pacific Region.

63 percent: Share of consumers who use their mobile phones to decide where to eat lunch.