Today In Data

Today In Data: Investing In A More Efficient Future

Efficiency is everything, pretty much in any arena. Because being inefficient is very costly – both in literal dollars and in opportunities lost to forge business relationships. But where there is a problem, there is usually a player looking to solve it – and of late, an investor willing to back that solution, whether it’s for a more efficient and secure lending product, a better supply chain or a more efficient on-ramp for IoT devices. The world may never be a wholly inefficiency-filled place, but every day, someone is working hard to make it a little less friction-filled.


$2 billion: Estimated annual losses due to global supply chain inefficiencies.

$30 million: Total raised by Scandit in its Series B round last month.

10 minutes: The amount of time the average merchant will willingly spend on an online form before abandoning it.

$62 million: The amount in Series C funds raised by Upgrade to expand its consumer lending platform.

$25.5 million: The amount secured by supply chain solutions provider Genesis Automation in its last funding round.