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The Push For Cybersecurity Technology At Credit Unions

Cybersecurity Technology At Credit Union

Credit union (CU) associations and service providers are pushing for the adoption of technology to help with security and compliance. In retail, Western Union has teamed up with Dollar General to let customers initiate money transfers digitally and pay in person at the merchant’s stores. And on Wednesday (April 3), Austin-based cookware startup Made In announced it had closed a seed funding round. All this, Today In Data.


118.8 million: Number of credit union members in the U.S. as of December 2018.

20 percent: Share of CUs that prioritized growing mortgage loans in 2019, down from 52 percent in 2018.

12 hours: Amount of time senders have to settle their accounts at a Dollar General store.

11.5 percent: Increase in loans from Wisconsin credit unions during 2018.

$5 million: Amount of Made In’s seed funding round,  led by Bonobos Founder Brian Spaly.