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Dollars To (Dunkin’) Donuts Through Rewards – And AI, Too 

Dollars To (Dunkin’) Donuts Through Rewards

Technology offers the benefit of helping QSRs leverage knowledge about their customers’ preferences into stickier relationships. As voice ordering, inventory management and self-service kiosks are becoming more commonplace, artificial intelligence and machine learning let firms automate inventory management and other functions. And, as noted in the Mobile Order-Ahead Tracker, it enables them to build analytics frameworks to help ensure customers keep coming back for more.


$2.05 billion: Projected growth of the self-service kiosk market from 2019 to 2023.

70 percent: Share of fast-food orders placed at the drive-thru.

12 million: Number of members in the Dunkin’ DD Perks mobile app rewards program.

500,000: New members added to the DD Perks program every quarter.

1,000: Number of Dunkin’ locations participating in a new rewards program in April.