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Today In Data: Adapting To The New Rules As Written

Digital commerce is evolving around the world. In some places, like India, it is happening by statute, and leaving no small amount of confusion in its wake. In some places, it is happening by technological advances, like the quickly expanding world of contactless payments. And in some cases, like surcharging for credit card fees, it is a backward and forward evolution, depending on whose definition of “consumer good” is ascendant at the moment.


$46 billion: The amount of Indian eCommerce revenue that PwC estimates will be shaved off due to new regulations.

$20 million: The amount that Samsung’s contribution brought to Mobeewave’s Series B funding round.

74 percent: Share of U.K. customers who believe merchants should display the final purchase price upfront, instead of “drip pricing.”

39 percent: Share of U.K. consumers who found surcharging costs to be much higher than expected.

4 months: The extension Amazon has requested to get its Indian operations compliant with the coming law change.