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Scoring A Touchdown For Consumer Choice

Today in Data Super Bowl IoT

Customers want what they want, whether that be a voice assistant, a family vacation or to place a wager on the biggest football game of the year. The question is how to deliver on those wants. In the case of the Internet of Things (IoT), that might mean investing in better tech, while in travel it might mean building better and more expansive payments systems. Sports betting already has plenty of participants online and off, though getting more of them to do it legally would be a positive future goal. The trick is giving the customer what they want and what makes them feel rewarded — and in a way that inclines them toward grateful loyalty.

Today in Data Super Bowl

$1.4 trillion: Approximate annual value of the leisure travel market.

$745 billion: Forecast worldwide spend on IoT in 2019.

$25.7 billion: Projected amount South Korea will spend on the IoT industry in 2019.

5,300: Number of credit unions in the U.S.

90 percent: Share of the $5 billion in Super Bowl bets last year that were made illegally.