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Fueling Retail, Card Innovation With Digital Technologies  

Fueling Retail, Card Innovation With Digital Technologies

Livestreaming online shopping is finally gaining momentum in the United States, via an evolving business model from Glamhive. In the automotive arena, sellers have implemented third-party technology such as virtual retailing to enable a completely digital vehicle sales process. And in mobile, many consumers would be willing to make room for more apps that can offer increased control over their spending. All this, Today in Data.


15K: Number of Kim Kardashian’s perfume units that sold out within minutes when the celebrity appeared on a China livestreaming show.

57.9%: Share of credit-centric revolvers who are interested in payment plans for large purchases.

65.8%: Portion of debit-centric consumers who want card apps to offer easier account management.

51.5%: Share of credit-centric revolvers who are highly interested in downloading a prototypical “better app.”

39%: Amount by which virtual retailing use increased in June.