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Tapping Tech To Combat Turbulence

Tapping Tech To Combat Turbulence

The ride into 2020 has been bumpy to say the least, and beset with challenges. Some were known issues. Payments security, solving the byzantine world of healthcare payments, expanding the reach and efficacy of digital authentication – none of these are new news, so much as they are ongoing challenges for innovators. But then there were the black swans – most recently, the double whammy of the international spread of COVID-19 paired with an emerging price war in oil production. The good news: Where there is friction, there is always a race to be the firm that figures out (and monetizes) the best way to fight it.

Today in DataData:

30K: Number of digital drivers’ licenses downloaded in Colorado to date.

2,013: Number of points the DOW Jones Industrial Average lost on Monday, its largest recorded single-day loss.

116 percent: Increase in consumers’ use of Zelle to send funds between 2018 and 2019.

29 percent: Share of 2019 fraud incidents issuing from stolen credentials.

17 percent: Share of GDP represented by healthcare costs.