Online Banking Solutions (OBS) Demos New ACH and Wire Transfer Payment Services at NACHA PAYMENTS 2010


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  At the upcoming NACHA PAYMENTS 2010 conference in Seattle, Wash., Online   Banking Solutions (OBS), will hold private demonstrations of   its recently launched ACH and Wire payment initiation services.   The new service completes its Messenger   Financial Center offering, a Web 2.0 cash management and   business banking portal based on Online   Messenger. OBS provides next-generation cash management and   revenue-generating business banking solutions for banks, including   eight of the top 50 U.S. commercial bank holding companies. 


  According to Maggie   Scarborough, managing director of consulting and advisory   firm, FinServ   Strategies, “Approximately 35 percent of U.S. banks are either   buying identifiable small business banking solutions or replacing   cash management systems with small businesses in mind. Forget   ‘dumbing down’ an overabundance of high-end large corporate   payments types. Small businesses want simplified, multi-purpose   payments capability with a familiar experience through Web, mobile   and voice channels.” 


  Built to meet contemporary scale, channel, security and   integration requirements, OBS’ Messenger Financial Center enables   banks to move beyond classic barriers to leverage delivery   channels for files and transactions without limitation. Banks’   business customers can perform any financial transaction with   ease. In addition, OBS’ Messenger   Mobile Services allows banks to leverage and deliver the new   Payment Services through the mobile channel as well as other   licensed delivery channels. Messenger Financial Center provides   transaction initiation including stop payments and   account-to-account transfers and payment initiation of vendor   payments, payroll and domestic wire transfers. OBS plans to   continue building out their payments capabilities to include a   full range of domestic and international payment types. 


  Messenger Financial Center Payment Services is deployed with a   contemporary administration and control infrastructure supporting   entitlements with separation of duties and dynamic approval levels   designed to meet the needs of small companies or large companies.   As an extension of the Online Messenger platform, Messenger   Financial Center Payment Services provides extensive security and   audit capabilities and reporting. 



    April 26-27, 2010 


    Grand Hyatt Seattle 
      721 Pine Street 
      Seattle, WA. 98101 


    Mary York, Media Contact for OBS 


About Online Banking Solutions (OBS): 

Founded in 2002 by a management team that pioneered Web cash management and business banking technology, launching two successful financial technology companies, Online Banking Solutions (OBS) provides next-generation Online Messenger multi-channel reporting, transaction and file delivery services to banks including seven of the top 50 U.S. financial institutions. Private, profitable and based on the philosophy of over servicing clients, OBS offers financial institutions the extensiveness of a large-scale technology provider, but the tenacity of an agile, service-driven organization. For more information, visit