The Data Point: 72% of Mexico’s Merchants Embrace Mobile Phones In-Store

While there are still payments friction issues and digital some awareness work to be done, Mexico’s merchants are all-in on smartphone-assisted shopping.

According to “The 2022 Global Digital Shopping Index: Mexico Edition,” a PYMNTS and Cybersource collaboration that surveyed 2,137 Mexican consumers as part of a six-nation study of over 13,000 consumers, Mexico is among the most digital-forward economies, as captured in this one data point that speaks volumes about the state of digital shopping there.

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  • 72% provide mobile apps that brick-and-mortar shoppers can use to navigate stores.

Merchants in Mexico were 19% more likely than our sample average to support in-store navigation apps, for example, and that is one indicator that Mexico “gets” the digital shift and is moving retail in that direction with speed.

The study noted that “merchants in Mexico also offer a wider array of cross-channel fulfillment options” than other countries we studied. For instance, they are 17% more likely to allow eCommerce shoppers to pick up their items via in-store kiosks, and 19% likelier to allow them to pick their items up from employees in-store.

In fact, “Among the 34 features we study, merchants in Mexico were more likely than the average to offer every single one of them — even those that many of their shoppers do not use.” Mexico’s merchants are 14% likelier to provide curbside pickup, although less than 3% of the population (2.9%) retrieved a recent eCommerce purchase using that method.

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