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Today In Data: Offering Faster And Cheaper By Building More Stable And Secure

Capturing customer loyalty is not easy thing when customers are a fickle and mobile group. Offering better pricing is always a good starting point, but consumers – particularly young, affluent consumers – are looking for more in the way of rewards and convenience. Plus, customers are looking at an ever-broadening horizon – particularly as it gets easier to move funds around the world in under a minute – and at an ever-widening menu of offerings. And while the choices vary and proliferate, consumers have been crystal-clear about their two most basic needs. They want their transactions to be secure, and they want to be in control of their transactions, whether they are paying out or getting paid.


$613 billion: Value of the global remittance market as of the end of 2017, according to the World Bank.

$81 billion: Estimated value of the online gambling market.

58 percent: Share of consumers who say that savings drive their gas app adoption.

53.7 percent: Share of consumers who cite direct deposit as their preferred disbursement method.

43 percent: Share of high-earning millennials who are more likely to visit a gas station that offers convenience, loyalty and savings.