Today In Data: Payment Protocols In The Age Of PSD2

The European Union’s (EU’s) PSD2 is making merchants that deal with payment data from Eurozone citizens enhance their payment protocols. In other news, Fundbox is expanding access to its Fundbox Pay business credit solution. And Starbucks has grown its loyalty rewards program enrollment, while big-name merchants in the United States are adopting Apple Pay. All this, Today In Data.


$3,500: The average operational cost for a bank to originate an SMB loan.

80 percent: The portion of U.S. consumers who want the right to know where and how their personal data is being sold.

74: The number of the leading 100 merchants in the U.S. that Apple says now support Apple Pay.

56 percent: The share of U.K. companies that believe non-compliance with GDPR would affect their reputations.

16.3M: The number of members in Starbucks’ loyalty rewards program.