Digital-First Banking

Report: Interactive Teller Machines Give FIs New Tool In High-Tech, High-Touch Service Model The lowly ATM may be the next front in FinTechs' ongoing encroachment of the financial sector. In PYMNTS' new Digital-First Banking Tracker, a collaboration with NCR Corporation, Arvest Bank's Jason Kincy explains how ITMs (interactive teller machines) are being used to deliver personalized service and improve loyalty.
Inside the July/August Tracker
  • An interview with Jason Kincy, executive director of marketing at Arkansas-based Arvest Bank, on how the FI is using ITMs and individualized outreach to meet customers’ expectations for personalized, digital-first services
  • The latest digital-first banking developments, including how 91 percent of bank customers now interact with their FIs through digital channels and why 72 percent of customers said bank personalization was highly important to them
  • A Deep Dive analyzing how FI customers are placing a greater emphasis on digital channels and personalization as well as how banks are working to meet these demands

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