Credit Union Innovation

The Credit Union Innovation Playbook, a collaboration between PYMNTS and PSCU, delves into the innovation agendas of players in the credit union ecosystem. Each edition of the Playbook homes in on a specific innovation focus, exploring the differences between how credit union members and leadership prioritize innovation in four select areas: risk and fraud, digital banking, data and analytics and loyalty.

About the Playbook
  • 81.3 percent of credit union members cited trust as a reason for selecting an FI, while 80.6 percent of them cited it as a reason to remain with their CUs
  • 42.4 percent of CU members want their FIs to focus on anti-fraud solutions, and 33.0 percent cited data security as their top innovation priority for the next three years
  • 64.3 percent of FinTechs expressed interest in bypassing CUs to sell directly to members